Assignment 3 – bibliography

Bibliography – Part 3 “Portrait and figure”

Exercise 1Drawing the human figure (Sketchbook 3)

Reflection on linear and tonal approaches

Mayer, R. (1991) The Artist’s handbook of materials and techniques. 5th edition. London: Faber & Faber.

Exercise 4Self-portrait

Exercise 8A figure in an interior

Exercise 9Telling a story

Assignment 3Assignment 3

Research Point 1Looking at Faces – Artists’ self-portraits

Megerle, B. (2010) Brigit Megerle. Exhibition catalogue. Berlin: Stenberg Press.

From Research Point 2 onwards I began to use an A3 Sketchbook for research material and bibliographic references for material consulted and sources used can be found on my online learning log as follows:

Research Point 2Mood or atmosphere portraits

Research Point 3Figures in interiors

MacMillan, D. (2000) Scottish Art 1460-2000. Edinburgh: Mainstream.

Foster, H. et al (2004) Art since 1900: Modernism, Antimodernism, Postmodernism. London: Thames and Hudson.

During the period of Part 3, I also posted the following pages onto my online learning log:

Research workbookassignments 1 & 2

Research workbookcolour theory revisited

Wilcox, M. (2008 reprint) Blue and yellow don’t make green: how to mix the colour you really want – every time. 2nd edition 2001. School of colour publications.

Study visit –  to Kilmorack Gallery, Inverness-shire, 30/04/14

Study visit – to The Scottish Colourist Series: JD Fergusson

MacMillan, D. (2000) Scottish art 1460-222. Edinburgh: Mainstream.

General Reading

Jones, D. (2012) iPad for artists: how to make great art with your tablet. Lewes: ILEX Press Limited.

Liu Xiaodong. (2012) The process of painting. Exhibition catalogue. Nurnberg: Verlag fur moderne Kunst (distributed in the UK by Cornerhouse Publications, Manchester).

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17th May, 2014