Assignment 2 – tutor feedback

I had to ask for a small, one week, extension for submitting this second assignment, which was approved, and I now have my tutor’s feedback on my assignment 2 work. As with the feedback for assignment 1, the comments received are helpfully critical and positively supportive. Here is a summary of the main learning points from this course work for me to reflect on and take forward into the next part of the course ‘Portrait and figure’:

1) freeing up my brushwork at drawing-in and painting stages.

2) starting to work on a scale larger than A3 for certain exercises and using bigger brushes and softer edges – becoming a bit bolder in my approach.

3) giving oils a really good go!

4) relying less on a linear approach and experiment much more with tones, light and shade.

5) getting to grips, once and for all, with a more regular general sketchbook regime.

6) relating learned knowledge through research to reflect back on my own work.

7) show evidence of experiencing first hand contemporary art exhibitions and relating them to my studies. I had planned some journey’s to central belt of Scotland to see a couple of gallery exhibitions during February, but they never materialised unfortunately for one reason or another. I think that what I will try and do, however, is start to explore some of the smaller galleries dotted around the Highlands and Moray over the next few weeks to see if I can catch some contemporary work in exhibition. I have also noted that there is a study visit in early May to see the J.D. Fergusson exhibition in Edinburgh and I plan to book a place for that.

8) become more disciplined in reviewing my work as it progresses against initial ideas/drawings and not be precious about making changes if required.

9) follow up on suggested reading/viewing.

10) crack on with assignment 3 work (I have made a start, and will review what I have done so far in light of the feedback on assignment 2 work).

I continue to enjoy the coursework and rising to the challenges presented. All being well, I do hope to submit my course work for ‘Practice of Painting’ for formal assessment by the Open College of the Arts, with a view to continued study. For the time being though, it is on to Part 3 of this module.