Assignment 1 – portrait format still-life completed

Assignment 1 - still-life portrait format finished painting

Assignment 1 – still-life portrait format finished painting

For the portrait composition I wanted to try using different medium and chose to use a mixed media approach with acrylics and indian ink. I left the yellow ochre acrylic and white gesso background wash untouched and darkened the foreground wash somewhat to give a starker contrast.

Again working from the larger round dark green/blue wine bottle forward and to the left I worked the outlines of the objects lightly in the relevant acrylic, but this time using palette knives for application of the colours:

Larger round dark green blue bottle – worked in a palette of phthalo blue and sap green, using a hint of orange and yellow ochre mix for reflected highlights from the clear glass goblet filled with liquid and some light green and white for light-source highlights on the bottle;

Burnt log – black, phthalo blue, purple tones with lighter grey/white tints;

‘Goblet-knecked’ glass container with liquid – light grey, orange, vermillion and hints of burnt umber and sienna brown tones with white light-source highlights;

Beach pebble – cerulean blue, light green and yellow tones with a hint of orange and yellow ochre mix for reflected highlights from the clear glass goblet, yellow/light green veins and white/grey tints for the highlights;

Drift-wood post section – phthalo blue/grey, orange, light green, yellow tones with white tints and phthalo blue highlights;

Sloping square clear bottle with liquid – phthalo blue, viridian and burnt sienna liquid colouring and light orange, yellow and white highlights. The wooden rhino stopper has an orange/vermillion and yellow ochre body, highlighted with white and with mid yellow to suggest the cork stopper.

As before, I worked on the short length of driftwood plank last using a rich mixture of all of the above colours.

Finally, I used Faber & Castell PITT indian ink artist pens to pick out the shape outlines, driftwood plank grain lines and give better definition as well as trying to provide the impression of shadow of the objects against the foreground/background.

Things I like about this portrait format still-life:

vibrancy of colours;

pleasing composition – use of complementary ‘angled’ planes;

roughness of application using palette knives.

Things I don’t like:

shadows – a bit tentative/messy;

starkness of ‘blotter’ lines;

wooden ‘rhino’ stopper  too distinct.