Assignment 1 – landscape format still-life completed

Assignment 1 - still-life landscape format finished painting

Assignment 1 – still-life landscape format finished painting

For the landscape composition I decided to work in soft pastels and firstly built up a darker background of purple and blue-violet over the ultramarine acrylic wash. I then complemented this with a lighter foreground of yellow-orange on which to ‘place’ the composed objects.

Working from the larger round dark green/blue wine bottle forward and to the left I worked the outlines of the objects lightly in the relevant pastel colours:

Larger round dark green blue bottle – tones of blue, purple, green, orange and grey pastels with minimal whitish/pink tints;

‘Goblet-knecked’ glass container with liquid – light grey, orange, darker red and brown tones with whitish/pink tints;

Burnt log – black, dark grey, purple tones with lighter grey/white tints;

Beach pebble – grey, green and yellow tones with whitish tints for the veins;

Drift-wood post section – brown, orange, green, yellow tones with white tints and black vein highlights;

Sloping square clear bottle with liquid – light grey, white, yellow tones, with light purple/pink colouring in the liquid and darker grey liquid outline. The wooden rhino stopper was highlighted with darker yellow and brown tones with white tints and with lighter yellow to suggest the cork stopper.

I used a mixture of colour shapers and fingers to shape the soft pastel colours.

I had decided to fill the ‘goblet-knecked’ glass container and the sloping square bottle with liquid, both to provide extra body to the objects and also to give me the challenge of trying to capture the effect of liquid through glass.

I worked on the short length of driftwood plank last using a mixture of light brown, yellow, green and orange tones with whiter tints, some black vein highlights, and finished by adding the darker areas of shadow in the composition.

Things I like about this landscape format still-life:

balance of colours;

pleasing composition – use of suggestive ‘landscape-like’ contours;

treatment of glass objects and coloured liquids.

Things I don’t like:

muddy background;

drift-wood post section looks more like a stale loaf of bread;

wooden ‘rhino’ stopper indistinct.