Assignment 1 – tutor ‘assessment potential’ of my coursework thus far

I received my tutor’s report on assignment 1 and I think it is a very fair and helpful assessment of my coursework and I am encouraged by the points for improvement/more practice and preparing for the next assignment and also recognition of where I have managed to make a good start in my studies.

It is early days on the journey and I recognise that I have still some way to go to release myself from some of the inhibitions I can see in my use of paint and colour and hopefully gain a better understanding of their properties and use. I plan to try to be bolder/less tentative with my Part 2 coursework – time will tell.

I appreciate the overall positive ‘assessment potential’ comments for assignment 1 and I will give these serious consideration in time for submitting assignment 2, at which point if I feel myself that I am making real progress by then I will look to submit assignment 1 for formal assessment at the end of the module.

So far, I have really enjoyed the coursework and the feedback I have received has provided constructive food for thought and encouragement for me to keep experimenting and learning.