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My OCA Drawing 1 course learning log is at:


Hi, my name is Stuart Brownlee and I registered with OCA in September 2013 on the Painting 1 module: Practice of Painting. My student number is 512319.

I am recently retired from working life after a career as a librarian for some 27 years, and for the last 10+ years as a Partner with my wife in our research and training consultancy.

I am a learning artist – I have been learning for over 60 years! I love to photograph, draw and paint images of what’s around me, what I see and where people live, work and spend their lives. Many things interest me, but in particular old buildings, boats, seascapes, cloudscapes, forests and trees, the shape and texture of stone and wood. I have a growing portfolio of images drawn from a wide range of interesting stuff (to me) – scbstudio59.com. Now past sixty, I don’t aim to make a living from my art, I have had a full and productive working life. I now really just want to enjoy painting, photography and writing and sharing it with other people if they are interested.

I decided to sign up for the OCA as I am keen to improve my skills, unlearn bad creative habits and have fun in the process.

I am looking forward positively to doing new things. My ‘new thing’ is rediscovering the pleasure of reflecting on the world around us, making and taking time to discover and explore further its beauty and meaning, and using my imagination and very rusty artistic eye to express this on canvas.

I have recently joined the Society fro All Artists www.saa.co.uk and am using this as a source for discounted art materials.

I have been Chairman of plan B Collaborative Theatre Company since 2009 www.planbcreative.org , a Creative Scotland funded dance company, and we are currently planning our next business plan for the period 2015 through to 2020.


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