Assignment 3 – tutor feedback

Having read through my tutor’s assessment report for Part 3 a couple of times now, while looking at the pieces on the learning log, I can see where improvements need to be made, especially in areas like:

∞ working larger
∞ less concern with detail – working on planes and forms
∞ taking more simplified approaches to paint application, brush work and mark making, while still experimenting
∞ working on colour-mixing


∞ doing more preparatory sketches and paintings prior to committing to final study.

I also agree with my tutor’s observation that my sketchbook work is still far short of being integral to my overall output. It has improved I think in starting Part 4, but I know I have to work hard to make it a much more integral and almost seamless part of my study, trying out new ideas and techniques and recording sparks of ideas and inspiration (hopefully!).

To this end I am now carrying a concertina sketchbook with me on a daily basis when I am out and about. So, hopefully, this element of my practice will see improvements to the extent that I don’t even need to think about it as it becomes a natural part of work.

My tutor’s final comment on pointers for the next assignment lays down the key challenge for me in Part 4:

“Have adventures with your drawing and painting; take risks and be bold, without worrying about making a mess, or about something being ‘right'”.

Stuart Brownlee – 512319

25th July, 2014