Assignment 5 – tutor feedback

Assignment 5 – tutor feedback

Main points to note are:

  • Achieved more unified/tactile mixed media pieces
  • Expressive marker ink pen sketches
  • Showing progress in process from idea to composition
  • Use of blocks shapes and marks – taking the ordinary and transforming it into something much larger, though not necessarily detailed or complex, can make a bold statement
  • Still in the process of discovering paint, its application and my own abilities – with some examples of good energy and movement
  • Evidence of looking and trying to convey what I see/feel with paint
  • Stretching myself and experimenting – work larger
  • Learn that less is often more in painting – KISS
  • Landscape work appears to be my preference
  • Still seeking a singular painting voice/style – push out of my comfort zone
  • Thorough, concise learning log

Suggested follow up study:

The work of Jasper John, Tom Philips, Julian Schnabel, Kyffin Williams.

Stuart Brownlee – 512319

15th January, 2015